Inspired by the Audience

Charisma group has a large library of audiovisual productions across many genres and along both linear and non-linear platforms.

Experts in content creation and development

Our team is multi-cultural with a diverse mix of nationalities spanning from the Maghreb till the Arabian peninsula, and a strong exposure to the Western content creation know how. Our deep understanding of local audiences allow us to create relevant, appealing and engaging content for each segment of our audience. We do follow a scientific methodology in content creation that further asserts our tagline "inspired by audience".

Competitive Advantage

  • Cultivate creative talent
  • Culture of innovation
  • Emphasis on Research and Development (R&D)
  • Unmatched access to top directors and producers
  • Conception of culturally-relevant and interactive scripts
  • Creation of programs relevant to specific target audience

Creative content production

We produce content across a variety of genres, and for audiences with different socio-demographic profiles. All aspects of our production process (from set design to editorial line and post production style) takes into account the audience preferences, needs and cultural backgrounds.

Competitive Advantage

  • Guaranteed access to content production crew
  • Established relationships with highly skilled pool of technical freelancers
  • High quality infrastructure and facilities through our access to a wealth of service providers
  • Efficient and flexible production workflow
  • State of the art production equipment for all set ups
  • Long term access to studios and equipment

Creative content according to trends

Charisma ensured that its content creation is in line with up-to-date trends. Programs’ contents have thus undergone major facelifts based on audience’s shift in preferences. Technology, represented by digital media and content, played a major role in matching programs that suit and satisfy audiences and their expectations according to modern trends.

Competitive Advantage

  • Established brand with a unique selling proposition
  • Relationship with broadcasters, digital operators and other platform owners
  • Dynamic marketing and sales capabilities

Media Management

Charisma Group provides business consulting to TV Channels across the region, assisting them in attaining their full potential in a cost efficient manner. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients to ensure the optimal solution is achieved and implemented. Our media management services include consulting for the design and set-up of TV channels, hands-on operational assistance for the launch phase, as well as the development of business plans aimed at channels’ shareholders and potential investors.

Competitive Advantage

  • Position your channel in sync with the market’s needs
  • Building programming strategy that is line with your positioning
  • Assured high quality production in a cost efficient manner
  • Smart budgeting ensuring capital is spent “on-screen “instead of on overheads.
  • Guaranteed improvement in ratings
  • “End to End” solutions

Digital Content

We are experts in developing video content designed specifically for the web and mobile platforms. We provide broadcasters and mobile operators with original video content that is engaging, viral and when needed, branded

Our users have the option of downloading all types of entertainment from music to videos, Mobisodes, animation, alerts, graphics and greetings to their hearts desire.

Social Media

Our Social media and web activities not only reflect what’s on TV, but convert our current TV programs to a uniquely engaging viewer experience. Our prompt integration turns viewers into participants as they play an important role in the program through their opinions, questions and comments that are directly broadcasted LIVE on screen.