From Strengths to Strengths

Charisma Group is unique in its own way. Long experience in the industry has provided us with know-how and knowledge about the overall industry.

Charisma's competitive advantages are based on the close relationships that develop between us and our clients. We opt for using the most advanced technology to achieve best result possible. In this perspective, the competitive advantage emerges from our tendency of perfecting production using state-of-art technology and most effective media management. Hence our strengths stem from the following:

Investment in start-of-art technology

This has always been Charisma’s priority to ensure existence in line with the constant evolution of the industry.

Know-how and expertise – Charisma persistently seeks to develop its capabilities through applying models, past experience, know-how and highly developed expertise in the media industry.


Capitalizing on media evolution

Charisma has versed itself with the continuous changes in the media industry by focusing on obtaining all the necessary tools emerging in continuously developing industry.


Financial feasibility and cost effectiveness

Effective assessment of projects based on a team of financial analysts. This function distinguished Charisma in terms of forecasting outcomes subject to all factors surrounding projects.


Modeling and PTA

This is another area of expertise in financial feasibility where existing models are applied to estimate turnover. Program time appropriation (PTA) is yet another tool that takes into consideration the right audience at the appropriate time of the program, ensuring the highest target audience segment.


Media Programs tailoring

This takes into consideration the assessment of cultural groups and tailoring programs accordingly. MPT ensures that programs are always broadcasted to suit specific in addition to PTA.


An approach to program-time-appropriation (PTA)

This is an extension to our slogan “Inspired by audience”. Charisma continues to seek what serves a collective audience base using sophisticated ways of satisfying the preferences of all audience groups and the optimum ways of suiting programs in the right time. As a result, our creativity extends to a feasibility dimensions in which we invest in research, not only the viability of content for specific audiences, but also considering variables and factors that positively affect the frequency of audience’s appeal to attend to watching certain programs. We have created models which mingle between the joyfulness of a certain program and the feasibility of the very program in terms of its scheduled broadcast. This phenomenon represented, named ‘the program-time-appropriation’, and became a notion in which our team considers it as a model to uncover the overall feasibility of a specific program or even a collective collection of programs to be broadcasted. This distinguished Charisma group service and role had boosted our credibility and success. We have eliminated the notion of normative projection in which imaginary anticipation of revenue is replaced by sub-accurate calculation of output (frequency of audience) based on PTA and other factors.


Reiterating the notion of productivity

When a media project, TV program, a concert or any other related media aspect is being researched for financial feasibility, theoretical assumptions have to be minimized. The mega nature of financial investment into the media industry make it inevitable for further application of financial models to reach to the nearest possible picture of how successful or unfeasible a project may be. Thus, in addition to our PTA concept and notion, we opted for more analysis through which media projects are assessed.


Affiliating with major production houses

Charisma’s affiliation with renowned production houses worldwide played a role in producing successful programs. The mutual relationship resulted in the exchange of expertise and effective production.


Partnering with major TVs in the region and international expansion

The developments that took place in Charisma has reiterated its relationship with major regional TV stations as well a longer reach represented by an expansion towards partnering with international TV entities.


Identifying talents and developing their capabilities

Charisma constantly develop its talent data-base and develop their abilities to suit specific projects. This also played a role in successful programs and targeting substantial audiences.

Seeking innovative methods of production with advanced producers of media apparatus – Charisma achieved the technical advantage based on continuous innovation in production. A highly qualified team overlooks efficiency and effectiveness of production using optimum technical capabilities.


Research and development capitalizing on research

R&D is amongst the most significant and vital departments at Charisma. The group capitalizes on models in all its projects, selecting solutions specific for every media project.

Affiliating with directors and producers locally, regionally and internationally – With its long experience in the field, Charisma established relations with renowned directors and producers on a wide spectrum. The diversity of programs and media projects implied close affiliation with prominent directors and producers in the industry. In recent years, Charisma widened its scopes to affiliate with directors and producers throughout the world.


Creative content to suit all audience segments

The demand of creativity in the industry stems from the desire to satisfy all audience segments. Charisma ensured that content is audience-tailored. Creative content at Charisma is based on developments in the industry where audience tend to seek enjoy up-to-date contents.


Culture Appropriation

One of the significant aspects of the industry getting to know your audience. Culture appropriation is an approach to identify how different cultures living in one community differ in their response and reaction to TV programs, movies, drama series, video clips and all productions. Charisma strategy included precise assessment of different cultures and produce programs in accordance to characteristics of different cultures. Careful research is conducted to assess the tendency of satisfaction of a certain audience segment, based on its cultural patterns.


Measurement of audience frequency and accurate projections

Projected audience frequency is measured with consideration to all factors surrounding a media project. This numerical projection takes many dimensions including past records (models), cultural aspects and trends in the industry.


Access to content production through expert copywriters

With a large domain of script writers, content creators and experienced copywriters, Charisma managed to diversify its portfolio of programs, TV series, cinema and other productions based on creative content. The database includes creative writers from all over the world.


Mega facilities and super media infra-structures

Developments in the media industry dictated that Charisma expand to cope with the constant demands of the industry. This led to the assembly of solid infrastructure and suited mega facilities to cater to the requirements of the media industry and projects. These include studios, production houses and state-of-art technology to pursue projects of any magnitude.