Charisma Group - at a Glance

Ever since its inception, Charisma Group sought to establish itself as a solid pillar in the media industry, growing from a conventional format developer and a multi-media production house to becoming a major competitive player, bonding all components of the vast industry and achieving a unique position through effective media management.

Today, Charisma Group boasts a wide base of global clients whose projects gained projected success and achievements. The Group continues to capitalize on its human assets and integrated expertise, a team of which that continue to work successfully towards building bridges between clients and audiences to ensure successful projects and optimum targets. As a result, Charisma continues to build on its impressive portfolio that includes scripted and non-scripted content for Television, digital media services, mobile content offerings and news gathering all of which we have made available across the Middle East. Our core services are Content creation, Production and content exploitation through the use of several audiovisual formats to create TV programs, movies, drama series, video clips and TVCs as well as digital media services.

Charisma Group - at Core

Amongst its numerous objectives, Charisma constructed a concrete path of relationships with its clients, gaining trust and credibility. This B2B mode of relationship was in turn built on transparency, mutual communication, credibility and the notion of realistic outcomes.

At Charisma, the welfare and interest of the client is a priority as the group's main perception stems from the notion that the client's success is in fact Charisma's success. Hence, at Charisma, we do not spare any effort or energy when a project is in question. Every project is dealt with on its unique characteristics and features. Our unique approaches take into consideration all aspects related to the feasibility of a certain media venture. We touch base on exogenous factors and use previously adopted models to reach to and determine the magnitudes of costs versus earnings.



Mutual interest dictates the persistence of transparency. Since one of our main objectives is the gain and interest of our clients, we work jointly to achieve success mutually. Transparency serves as concrete basis of open communication where open solutions and realistic advice leads to complete trust and teamwork with all clients.


Constructive communication

Once transparency is attained, constructive communication leads to more concrete understanding of the structure of projects and their relative components. Constructive communication is ways by which Charisma and the client engage in fruitful analysis leading to mutual understanding of the entire media project, its relative impact and methods by which the project is approached to yield optimum results.



Credibility is not only based on stating the obvious but also stating the truthful stating of the obvious. At Charisma, the client is us and we are the client. Hence, we strive to maximize the welfare of all our clients through ensuring that assumptions are based on realistic facts. Since our credibility is at stake, we take into consideration proper analysis and precautions while working on media projects feasibility. Our credibility remains a significant aspect of our existence, an element that would not be compromised to ensure mutual strategic relationships with our clients.


The notion of realistic outcomes

The notion of realistic outcomes. What determines the success of any project is collective collaboration in the one hand and realistic considerations in the other. This is based on positive analysis rather than normative ones. Our diversified team amalgamates components consisting of media-related outcomes to realistic figures based on realistic assumptions. Multiple models are utilized to arrive to the most applicable projections with all precautions considered. Attaining the most realistic outcomes leads to cost-effectiveness and refuting any erroneous approaches based on imagination, wrong assumptions and false projections.