Charisma voyage of innovation and workmanship

Our voyage of success was the very voyage based on continuous innovation and workmanship. In turn, our achievements formed a resin for a large database of partners working with us jointly on serving the media industry better. We count on both our human assets and automation. This in itself created an amalgam of assets unique in its composition.

Innovation in the one hand served as the basis of our technical advancement. Charisma has never spared an effort in investing new technologies to remain in line with state-of-art media techs, innovated apparatus and automated assets.

Professional workmanship on the other hand was at the heart of implementing innovation and this amalgamation of both human assets and technology served the demanding media industry its core purposes.
Charisma consists of highly experienced professionals team-worked to serve our clientele base on the basis of know-how and experience. Consequently and along the long path of the media industry, we have become renowned for tailoring solutions for our clients in line with the recurrent evolution of the industry.

Our existence and expansion objectives

With its main headquarters in UAE, Charisma Group tentacles stretched into long reaches, extending its operations to wider geographical areas where affiliated firms join capabilities to provide optimal services to clients throughout the world. Affiliated partners and studios are present in the Dubai, Riyad, Jeddah, Beirut, Cairo and Amman, in addition to potential for further expansions underway.

Our Commitment and Mission

Audience satisfaction has always been our main objective. Hence, with maximum satisfaction of audience in target, Charisma continues to focus on satisfaction of audience as well as fulfilling expectations of the client in terms of projections and returns on investment.

Our mission seeks to translate productivity and real outcome into reality. Long experience has taught us to be realistic in a positive world rather than normative, since normativity is not always realistic and does not really reflect realistic effectiveness. Our expertise in analysing truth about forecasting actual outcomes, based on variables and factors, has made Charisma what it is today. At Charisma, we take into consideration all factors surrounding any media project, seeking to convert opportunities into real output. Thus, we measure feasibility using a mix between non-financial aspects, such as cultural, societal, psychological and sociological ones and; measure financial outcomes based on that very mix. This unique approach to feasibility leads to comfort and confidence about projected outcomes, providing a close, precise and overall assessment of media projects.

Our perception of realistic projections takes into consideration the relationship between audiences' keenness towards favourite times and selecting the appropriate time for such programs. Our criteria include multi factors, observing culture and sub-groups, ethnicities, setting specific appropriate time and every possible aspect that may be considered for the success of the program. We have developed our own approaches where analysis transforms real projections into financial values.

Our ultimate source of strength lies in our expertise understanding of our audience’s needs and preferences. From this, we create and tailor content that is locally relevant in nature and appealing to audiences in the MENA region.

Charisma's unique approach to strategy

Success has core values and a core purpose that remain fixed while our strategies and practices endlessly adapt to a changing world. The dynamic of preserving our core while stimulating progress is the reason why Charisma rode on the path of success and progress simultaneously. We understand the difference between what should never change and what should be open to change. From this perspective, our strategies aim at what is best for our clients to grow as a result of positive implemented change. Our vision provides guidance about what core to preserve and what future to stimulate progress toward. We may differ than many in terms of gaining the competitive advantage from clean competition point of view rather than seeking to disrupt the smooth flow with aggressive competition. The term partnership is thus a key word in all our practices, partnering with our clients as their growth is our growth.